Board meeting tomorrow, 6:30pm at the palmerton hotel!! All parents are welcome!! ...

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3 months ago

Palmerton Youth Wrestling Association

Fun stuff coming for Snake Pit!We are proud to announce our first clinician for Snake Pit for next Thursday 4/18! Danny Moran! Former Northampton All-Star and current Lehigh University Wrestler! His accolades include:

151-27 record high school record

Four-time Pennsylvania state place winner and semifinalist

District XI and Northeast Regional champion

Won the Escape the Rock Tournament and earned
Outstanding Wrestler honors

Four-time place winner at Escape the Rock

Three-time place winner at Beast of the East

Junior freestyle All-American

Placed 4th at NHSCA Nationals as a sophomore

If you are already a Snake Pit Wrestling Club Member there is no additional costs! If you'd like to have your wrestling attend, but aren't sure if you want to sign up for a month yet, admission will $8 at the door, cash or check.

We are only $25 a month and you are more than welcome to sign-up any Tuesday or Thursday.

High school goes from 5:30-6:30 and K-8 is from 6:30-8:00.

See you in the Pit!

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Snake Pit tonight! The push during the off-season is what will help you get to the next level! 💪🤼‍♂️

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The season is technically over but the grind never stops! Congrats to the following on their placements in this weekend’s 570 Super Slam!

38 lbs: 3rd Trentin P.
52 lbs: 3rd Ayden S.

48 lbs: 3rd Landon E.
54 lbs: 4th Jax G.
56 lbs: 2nd Steele Z.
57 lbs: 1st Jaxs M.
72 lbs: 4th Zachary Z.
90 lbs: 1st Dominic P.

53 lbs: 4th Thomas P.
68 lbs: 2nd Benjamin N.
70 lbs: 3rd Benjamin N. (Yes, Ben was a stud and wrestled in two weight classes!)
76 lbs: 1st Dillon A.

80 lbs: 4th Jeremy E-H.
104 lbs: 4th Julius D.

Way to go, boys!!💪🤼‍♂️

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